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Jennifer Lynn is someone I am truly blessed to have met. Just like many others in the world, my family and I went through a lot of heartache during Covid and I haven’t been able to process my grief yet. Reiki has made me realize that it is ok to take a step back from the chaos and take a breath. Her reiki sessions bring awareness to my mind, body and soul. It is so easy to lose ourselves in this world and the services Jen provides helps bring some positive energy and tranquility back into our lives.

"Jenn taught a baby yoga class at my house last month. She is a wonderful teacher!! My mom friends are still talking about what a great experience it was. I highly recommend her as an instructor."

"Jennifer is a dedicated professional with a warm personality and a great way with kids. She has been actively involved as both a parent and teacher at the Braintree Community Arts Center. I would highly recommend her classes!"

"For well over a year, I have been suffering with complications from what should have been a simple, routine surgery. You name it, I have tried it. I have found that Reiki has helped a lot to alleviate some of the symptoms. Yes, I was skeptical at first too but willing to try any and everything. You need to go into it with an open mind but it totally helps. I am not only having less symptoms, but I come out of my sessions, relaxed, refreshed and more aware of my whole body. If anyone local is looking to try it out or has any questions about it, I would 100% recommend Jennifer!!"

"Are you looking to focus on your own health and well-being?? Check out Nurtured Roots! I had an amazing Reiki session with Jennifer. I left feeling so relaxed and centered, I didn’t realize how much I needed that hour to re-focus. Jennifer has such a warm and calming nature. Her positivity is infectious and I can’t wait to try one of her yoga classes. Highly recommend!  Thank you Jennifer!"

"I recently had an awesome Reiki session with Jennifer and left feeling more relaxed and centered than I have felt in a very long time! I highly recommend Jennifer Lynn."

"Thank you for the time you spent with Cutie for her Reiki session. I wanted to let you know the things I noticed after the session. That very same night we had those terrible thunder storms which normally would have sent Cutie shaking and hiding. Well I am happy to say after her Reiki session she slept right through it didn’t even flinch!! When my daughter pointed it out I couldn’t believe it as the thunder that night was LOUD!  She seemed very mellow the next day. I came home in the middle of the day from work and she didn’t run/jump like a lunatic as she usually does, honestly I think she was sleeping and I woke her which is never the case she is up and at the door the minute someone pulls in the driveway lol As you may have noticed when you were here she loves  any opportunity for attention!  Those were the most significant things I have noticed especially since we have been trying to keep anxiety under control with her. Overall she has seemed a little more chill since the session. "
-Pet Reiki Client

"I like Jenn's yoga classes because we do fun yoga activities and crafts. Jenn is good at teaching us new poses. She is a great teacher." Kids Yoga student, 9 years old

"My daughter is starting her third year with Jenn. She absolutely loves yoga and looks forward to it every week. At the start of COVID Jenn switched over very promptly to virtual classes, recognizing that these kids needed this more than ever! Jenn's classes are much more than yoga poses. The mindfulness that kids learn and practice is extremely useful in everyday life!"

"I love doing Nurtured Roots yoga every Thursday because it is such a calming and peaceful time despite my busy life. No matter how I feel at the beginning of the practice I always feel much better by the end. I would love to try new yoga flows and mindfulness practices but it is obviously difficult over the computer. I look forward to class each week and cannot wait until we are back in person! Thank you Mrs. Jenn!" -Tween/Teen Yoga student, 13 years old

"I shared a Reiki experience with Jennifer in her new space. Every experience with Jennifer and Nurtured Roots is calming, catered to the individual and goes above and beyond ones personal needs. This new space is quiet, calming, clean and offers all of the comfort one would need and want for the perfect Reiki experience."

"This was such a gift for my daughter! I can't say thank you enough for your time and dedication to promoting health and wellness to youth!!"

"Ms. Jen is the best yoga teacher. She teaches you breathing when you have different feelings like if you're mad, take a breath."

"As a parent, Ms. Jenn has done more than she will ever know for our family! My kids are 6 and 7 and to be learning about yoga at such a young age is such a benefit for them to have in life. Every interaction I have with her, I gain something tangible and actionable to help my kids as well as  myself!"

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