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Employee Wellness

Nurtured Roots, LLC offers a variety of services and the positive reinforcement employees need so that they can concentrate on reaching all their health and wellness goals. Programs are designed to meet the specific needs of the client. The goal is to create programs that are welcoming for everyone, regardless of age or ability level, while also providing tangible takeaways for the employees to use in their daily lives. It can be set up as a teach and practice or just to show up and actively participate in the practice of self-care.

Employee wellness programs like these can contribute to a more productive, collaborative and inclusive work environment.



Connect mind and body through breath and movement, release tension and increase flexibility. Choose from a range of yoga practices including hatha, chair yoga, vinyasa, or yin.



Programs offered include a variation of mindfulness practices including breathwork, meditation, social connection, and stress management techniques.



Alleviate stress, tension and stress-related illnesses, lower symptoms of physical, emotional and mental fatigue, and improve focus and concentration.

Laughing During a Meeting

Benefits of wellness programs in the workplace.

Lower turnover

Boost morale

Improve disease management and prevention

Enhance employee engagement

Reduce employee medical costs

Positive employee retention and recruitment

Increase productivity


"My company did some wellness-based sessions for our employees and the positive response we received was overwhelming! As an HR professional, it is important to me that our company places emphasis on employee wellness and overall well-being.  Having worked with Jennifer, both personally and professionally, I highly recommend her to support your own wellness journey and that of your organization!"

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