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Cultivate Wellness
with Intention

Holistic modalities for every part of life's journey.

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Relax. Renew. Revitalize.

Welcome to Nurtured Roots! At the core, I believe in nurturing the whole person. My wellness offerings are designed to help you achieve balance, reduce stress, and enhance your overall well-being. Whether you are seeking relaxation, pain relief, or a path to inner peace, my compassionate care and personalized approach will ensure that your unique needs are met. Join me on a journey towards a healthier, more mindful life.

Holistic Healing Offerings

Create balance of mind and body through a variety of wellness services that include Reiki healing, meditation, yoga, mindfulness, and grief support.


Reiki Healing

Relax and Restore.

Reiki activates the natural healing process, helping to restore physical and emotional well-being. This modality fosters a sense of inner peace and balance of mind and body. It increases relaxation, reduces stress and anxiety, helps pre/post surgery, helps with pain, improves sleep, and is great for cancer treatment symptom management.


Yoga & Mindfulness

Move your body. Calm your mind.

Connect mind, body and breath with yoga and mindfulness. Learn to slow down and bring yourself into the present moment. Doing this can lead to a positive increase in the areas of attention, mental and physical health, self-awareness and self-regulation, as well as social-emotional development, particularly for children.

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Grief Support

Hope after loss.

Private and group opportunities to feel heard, validated and supported in a safe and judgement-free way, meeting you where you are at in your grief and loss journey. Whether you are experiencing / have experienced a loss due to death, separation, divorce, or something else, you will find support in a variety of ways.


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